Barcode Lookup API

Integrate your app with our UPC, EAN and ISBN database.

The Barcode Lookup API gives you programmatic access to barcode data and product information. If you are developing a website or building an app that requires such data, the API makes it easy to integrate your system with our database. You can make an API call by sending us a barcode or a search term. The Barcode Lookup API returns the product's name, brand, description, pricing and more.

How to get product data from the API?

  • Search by Barcode

  • Search by Term

    When you search by term, you may use multiple parameters to narrow down the results. For example, you can search for products with a specific name and brand in a single API call.


Head directly to the documentation.

  • Barcode

    Look up product information by UPC, GTIN, EAN, and ISBN.

  • Search

    Query all parameters simultaneously, including product name, brand, manufacturer and Manufacturer Part Number.

  • MPN, Brand, Manufacturer

    You can query our product database with any of these attributes.

  • Page

    Use the page parameter if you wish to retrieve more products from our database. An API call returns up to 10 results per page.

  • Countries

    Select pricing data by country. Currently, pricing information is available for Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

  • Languages

    Search in specific languages and filter the outputted names, descriptions and reviews. Currently, English, French and German are supported.

  • Key

    Add your private API key to all your requests.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Example
Barcode String 0190198374493
Search String Grey Boxer Shorts
Brand String Wonka
Manufacturer String Apple
Page Integer 42
Countries String CH, DE, UK, FR
Languages String en, de, fr
Key String a8djwl39djsn4ntifn3t5

API Response

The API returns the following fields in JSON format.

Field Name Type Example
Barcode String 0190198374493
Barcode Type String EAN
Name Object Macbook Pro 15"
Description Object Detailed product description
Brand String Wonka
Manufacturer String Apple
Aggregate Rating Object Rating Value, Rating Count
Prices Object Country: Price, Currency, Link
Reviews Objects Author, Rating, Title, Review, DateTime, Source, Language

Plans & Pricing

After signing up, you instantly receive your private API Key so you can start making calls. Pricing starts at 19.- EUR per month for 5000 API calls. We also offer a free plan of 500 calls per month if you wish to test the API. All plans are billed and renewed monthly. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.


Only successful calls are counted towards your monthly limit. This means that you do not pay for calls where no data is returned.

  • Starter

    API calls

    EUR 19.- / Month

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  • Advanced

    API calls

    EUR 49.- / Month

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  • Professional

    API calls

    EUR 99.- / Month

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  • Enterprise

    API calls

    EUR 249.- / Month

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500 API calls Sign Up
  • Cancel Anytime

    There is no minimal contract duration. Your subscription is billed and renewed monthly.

  • Change Anytime

    If you need to make more API calls or if you feel like you will not need that many calls in the future, you can change your plan at any given time.

  • Start right now

    Instantly after signing up for the API, you will recieve your private API Key which allows to make calls right away.

  • Any Questions ?

    If you have any questions regarding our API, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.