Batzo for Publishers

The partnership for publishers, influencers and content creators.

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Get Publishable Content

Batzo's widgets allow you to publish a variety of information to your visitors such as the best offers for a product, its rating and more. In addition to that you can publish lists of products such as ingredients for a recipe or clothes for a style, making it easier for shoppers to find the right product at the right price, all in one place.

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Monetize your channel

In addition to providing valuable information to your users, widgets and other content published on your channels can help you make money. Every time one of your visitors purchases a product with one of our partners, you earn a sales commission.

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Never miss a hit

Get notified of popular products, products your audience might be interested in or sudden price drops and deals for your preferred categories. Watch competing publishers and what they are writing about.

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Monitor your activities

Learn more about your audience and the products they love. The information provided about visitors can support decisions on future content initiatives and help increase the effectiveness of your affiliate campaigns.

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Share and promote your content

Direct Batzo visitors to your channel by contributing to the information available on Batzo. Contribute with Reviews, Posts, Recipes and more to attract more visitors. Promote your latest content to reach a maximum of potential fans.